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Field Sales Reps spend on average 37% of their available time doing non-selling Activities.

Our Solution automates manual tasks and reduces the wasted time so that your field teams cans spend more time selling.

Sales Reps

You lose almost a day a week doing adminstrative tasks and planning. Get more done, see more customers and close more sales.

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Sales Managers

Clear visibility of what and where your sales reps are and the opportunities their working on.

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Sales Operations

Easily manage territories and optimise back office sales processes including field sales marketing.

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What is

Salestaskr is a comprehensive field sales solution for sales professionals, sales managers, and sales operations. Designed to enhance sales organisations, to improve sales performance, reduce operating costs and improve sales team retention.

Used by thousands of sales professionals globally, Salestaskr brings focused visibility to their prospects and sales opportunities, whilst allowing them to plan better and reduce travel time so they can see more customer and close more sales.


Salestaskr has all the benefits needed to help you run a successful sales team whilst reducing your operating costs.

AI Sales Automation Engine

Automate many of the manual sales processes to save time and sell more.

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Optimized Routing

Journey plan like a pro. Reduce travel time and travel costs. See more customers and close more sales.

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Territory Management

Optimize territory coverage, easily create, manage and reassign territories.

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In-depth Search

Create automated search queries and quickly find importnat sales data.

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Check-in & Check-out

Optimise you staff coverage with the Caretaskr scheduling and rostering module, so you can provide the best level of support to your patients.

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Sales Query Builder

Run complex sales querys to discover new trends and sales leads.

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1-Click Actions

Create and trigger custom sales workflows to automate different sales processes.

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Sales Leaderboards

Sales gamification helps motivate your sales team to drive friendly competiton and more sales.

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Import 3rd Party Data Layers

Import excel files and OGC compliant mapping layers to quickly identify opportunities.

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Collaborate & Share Maps

Collaborate with colleagues & external customers by being able to share maps.

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Lead Management

Quickly & easily find, create and manage leads through to sale.

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CRM Integrations

Works with many of the leading CRM’s available on the market including Dynamics 365 and on-premise.

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Sales automation
for field sales professionals

Give your sales teams a boost and remove the non-selling activities, so they can concentrate on what they are good at – selling.

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