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Advanced Filtering

Salestaskr allows in-depth filtering so you can customize the information you want to see in real-time. Run complex sales queries with the click of a few filters to give an insight into your data. Advanced filtering also allows free text searching.

Route Planning/Scheduling

Journey plan like a pro, reducing time spent travelling and more time doing the job. With route planner, it optimizes the best route helping reduce costs and gives you the ability to increase sales. Salestaskr navigates you to your customers or prospects.

‘Accounts Near Me’

‘Accounts Near Me’ lets you see all your customers, leads, prospect near you in real-time. This allows you to quickly get an overview and start planning your trip or day. Select the customers you wish to see and let Salestaskr optimize your route.

Split Territory

Optimize territory coverage and easily create territories by drawing the area you want to focus on. Reassign territories, when needed. If a territory is getting too large to be managed by one Sales Rep, you can easily split the territory up into smaller areas and assign them accordingly to the Sales Reps.

One-Click Action

One of Salestaskrs much loved features is One-Click Actions, view your customer from the map click on them, and all your actions are there for you to use. Send a follow-up email, book an appointment, send an email thanking them for meeting you all from your mobile app, no need to wait till your in the office, home or hotel room make it instant. Even better One-Click is customizable, meaning you can customize the functions you need for your business.


Like an onion has layers, our mapping software has to, add layers to your map, overlay external lead information not found in your CRM or even open-source data to give you more insight into possible leads.

Bulk actions

Quick and easily reassign accounts or create marketing lists using the bulk actions feature within the data tab.

Geofence specific areas

If you want a specific area to be handled differently from all your other customer and prospects or make certain areas a no-go area due to specific commercial arrangements, you can create geofenced areas and regions.

Live external layers

With Salestaskr you can bring in live mapping layers and combine these with your business data. Want to see what customers were affected by a weather event, then use bring in external live layers.

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